L&N Cabooses

This new book covers the full history of the last two batches of cabooses purchased new by the L&N. In 1974 L&N purchased 50 cabooses from International Car and in 1981 purchased 50 from Fruit Growers Express. The book also covers the six cabooses purchased from FGE for the Clinchfield in 1981.

Specific chapters cover each of the series noted above, including at least one photograph of each and every car from the series. Included are diagram sheets and a full roster by individual caboose number. Painting and lettering and other caboose modifications are also discussed.






Additional chapters cover specific cars with unusual painting and lettering, the step-by-step scrapping of one of the cars, information on the L&N's South Louisville Shops, and photos of those cabooses which have been saved by private owners.

Detailed rosters list disposition data, retirement dates, renumbering information and more.

98 Pages with over 200 detailed photos, 22 in full color. Full color front and rear covers.


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